Canyon Trail Cemetery is an extensive, award winning Halloween display located in Carol Stream, IL.


It started as many home displays do, with pumpkin leaf bags, corn stalks and some Halloween themed wood cut – outs.  Those simple beginnings have become a year-round passion to build a display which thousands of visitors come to every October.



The display is classically themed in the Halloween in which we grew up.  There is no blood and gore, it is spooky – not scary


We make almost everything in the display, from sculpting the heads and sewing the costumes to constructing and welding the pneumatic frames.


Outside the Halloween season, when we aren’t busy building new props, we are traveling to Halloween tradeshows, conventions or hanging out with other like-minded people in the Chicago area who belong to Chicago Haunt Builders.


We do this for many reasons, it is an outlet for are creativity, one which we enjoy doing together, we have met some great people and built some of our strongest friendships, we get to meet and interact with all our neighbors and moist importantly, we get to create some memories for the children who come and visit.

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Canyon Trail Cemetery